Prawn vs Shrimp , are they same or different?

Prawn vs Shrimp , an overview

Yes, they are almost the same. They have many things in common, but biologically they are different. Because of the similarity in appearance, many of us, including me, use their names interchangeably. They look very similar, but differ in their body, gill structure, length of their legs, etc. Let’s discuss something about prawn vs shrimp .


When thinking about Shrimp, the first thing come to the mind is the “ForrestPrawn vs Shrimp image1 Gump” fame “Bubba Gump” company. The term originated from the Middle English “Schrimpe”.  It means “a puny person”. They belong to the Crustacean family where crabs, lobsters and crayfish are other members. They are swimming creatures with long antennae, swimmerets and walking legs. There are two categories, fresh and salt water. Both types have many sub varieties. They are widespread, found in almost every oceans well as in rivers and lakes. The Majority are marine, are found at depths of up to Five kilometers. Only about 25% of the described species are found in fresh water.

Prawn vs Shrimp image24Oz of steamed Shrimp contain just 112 calories. It does not contain any carbohydrates and like many other seafood, it is omega3 rich. Research studies show that it contain a good amount of Selenium and is very effective in reducing cardiac problems. It contains an amino acid Tryptophan, which helps in maintaining balanced sleep patterns and helps to stabilize mood. This is the reason behind considering them as one of the healthiest food in the world.
Some types of Shrimp are used in home aquaria. Some of them are only ornamental, while some others are used for algae controlling and removing debris. Bamboo, amano, cherry and ghost are used in freshwater aquaria and Cleaner, Fire and Harlequin are in saltwater aquaria.


Like Shrimp, Prawns also are the members of “Crustacean family“. They are bigger and longer. They have claws on three pairs of their legs, while Shrimp have two.

prawn vs shrimp image3Most of the Prawns are semi transparent. We can see their internal organs through the skin. There are hundreds of species of Prawns. Banana, endeavour, tiger, king and red spot are well known species.

There are salt water and fresh water Prawns. Salt water Prawns are found in Pacific, Atlantic and the Indian Oceans. Fresh water Prawns are found in rivers and lakes. Farming freshwater Prawns is very much profit-making business today.

Prawns have many nutritional benefits. They are low in fat and calories, but prawn vs shrimp image4contain great amount of proteins, which make them a healthy food. Eating Prawn controls the LDL (Bad cholesterol) levels and prevents heart diseases. They also contain high-level of Vitamin B12, which helps to protect the blood vessels walls.

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Prawn-Shrimp : Similarities
Prawn-Shrimp : Similarities

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